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A world-class event that brings together the very latest in equipment, technology and ideas from all areas of agriculture production—all around the globe.

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    Show Recap

    AG CONNECT Expo & Summit Delivers Record Numbers, Technology, Innovation & Education

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    Masters & Mavericks

    AG CONNECT'S Masters & Mavericks
    These are the people shaping the world of ag - the people that AG CONNECT is all about. Learn more about these progressive leaders in the ag industry.

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  • New Products & Technologies

    New Products & Technologies

    Preview over 150 new products and technologies that will be at AG CONNECT.

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  • Show Recap

    Show Recap

    AG CONNECT Expo & Summit Delivers Record Numbers, Technology, Innovation & Education

    Read Full News Release

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    Submit Testimonial

    Send us a testimonial telling us about your experience at AG CONNECT Expo & Summit 2013.

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New Products and Technologies

Ally Precision Industries

ISOLynx Precision Ag suite

The ISOLynx Controller is designed specifically for the Grower, OEM, and COOP with the best products ranging from GPS/RTK Steering, CAN based control systems, Variable Rate, Section Control, Fleet management, Remote Monitoring and Data Transfer. API’s precision Ag suite is dynamic, meaning that the Grower/OEM has the flexibility to choose the receiver and steering controls they want to use with the ISOLynx.

Lindsay Corporation

Zimmatic 9500CC with GPS Guidance

With the increased valuation of commodities, land prices and cash rent values, a corner system has never made more sense. The 9500CC with GPS guidance is the highest-performing and most popular corner system on the market today.

Claas of America Inc

Lexion Seat Mounted Operator’s Console

The LEXION seat mounted operator’s console is attached to, and moves with the operator’s seat to ensure that a constant position (or proximity) is always maintained with the operator, no matter the terrain being harvested. The console features (exclusively) both vertical and fore and aft adjustments to match different drivers and / or desired comfort when operating a LEXION 700 series combine.

Great Plains Manufacturing

YP1630F Planter with dry fertilizer

The new Great Plains YP1630F planter combines the working width of a 16-row planter with dry fertilizer for a one pass operation. While the application of dry fertilizers on a small planter is not new, this machine combines a large central fill dry fertilizer system on a 16 row planter allowing for the application of a high rate of dry fertilizer for areas that do not have the availability of liquid fertilizer.

KSi Conveyors

2114 High Capacity Conveyor with Drive-Over Swing-Away

The KSi Model 2114 High-Capacity Conveyor with Drive-Over Swing-Away moves high-value seed, grain and other fragile commodities gently and efficiently. Its 30” wide drive-over belt and 21" wide patented incline belt with 4" molded cleats transport up to 10,000 bu/h in a 14” tube. The patent-pending dual drive system effectively powers the belt to inclines of 36 degrees while maintaining even tension across the belt width.

Sukup Manufacturing Company

Modular Tower Dryer

The Modular Tower Dryer provides farmers the capacity and vacuum-cooling advantages of tower drying without the expensive setup costs of a built-on-site tower dryer. Alignment pins are used to stack the factory-built sections rapidly, and centrifugal inline blowers provide quieter, higher-pressure airflow than competing brands. A crew of 4 to 6 can assemble the modules in six to 10 hours.

Groff AG, LLC

Groff AG, LLC

Groff AG, LLC is pleased to introduce a NEW electrically controlled Row Cleaner for the 2013 planting season. With an industry first of controlling the depth of ONE row at a time or ALL rows at once, you will finally be able to fine tune your row cleaners for optimum performance in all types of tillage practices.

Kuhn/Kuhn Krause

EXCELERATOR - New 14’ and 40’ sizes

The EXCELERATOR Vertical Tillage System provides exceptional residue cutting, soil and residue mixing and seed bed preparation in one pass, utilizing an exclusive 4-step process. EXCALIBUR Blades capture and slice residue; adjustable gang angle allows lateral movement of the soil for leveling; STAR WHEEL Treaders mix soil and anchor residue; 24/7 Reels deliver clod sizing and seed bed firming for exceptional seed to soil contact. Working widths 14’ through 40’.

Ziegler GmbH

ZIEGLER Canola Pick-up-system

Collection conveyors, hydraulically controlled with safety valves. Each band is equipped with 36 springs, divided into 9 rows. Direct control from the cabin possible. Independent hydraulic drive. The auger is fitted with a series of disc clutches. Height of the 6 wheels can be freely adjusted. Highlight: The use and attachment on different combine models is possible with the optional caddy.


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